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InsertNameHere- Questioned InsertNameHere- Questioned

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You've earned yourself a fan!

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ethadox responds:

Thank you!

InsertNameHere- Gamebound InsertNameHere- Gamebound

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There's a difference between inspiration and copying - All I can see are eddsworld fan characters of tom, matt, and edd on a sword art online adventure with pikachu. The Eastwood font is being used, the home (I assume they were in a house) background is just a solid color, and the ones that have scenery are either taken from online or filtered/rotoscoped. The story structure is also in parallel with how eddsworld storylines progress. (Being home, having an object/ability/desire that has the characters leave home, the characters have fun, montages, and the fun stops when bad events occur) It's not necessarily a bad thing with what you are doing, I've done it a lot too when I was younger, but take this saying in mind, "Good Artists Copy; Great Artists Steal" Take your inspirations at heart but modify them in your own way that makes it original to you and the audience. This doesn't happen immediately, over time, it will develop with you, and then more youngsters will want steal your style as well. Creativity is taking known elements and putting them together in unique ways, but you definitely have something going on here. If you are willing to make the changes necessary so that we all know that you're not copying a dead man, I wouldn't mind sticking around for more.

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ethadox responds:

Well, good thing your sticking around. Episode 2 looks a lot different from Episode 1(this one). The animation is a lot more consistent, we dropped the Eddsworldlike design and brought 2 new characters in.

Also thanks for the advice